Monday, September 1, 2008

Please Read!!! Bike Club Changes

Greetings Happy Cyclists,

Thanks much for all the emails about the status of upcoming rides, questions about where all the riders are, etc.

In hopes of promoting more self-organization among riders, we are opening this blogsite to those wanting to post your rides--after work rides, Sunday morning rides, Saturday afternoon rides, early riser rides before work (if you like that sort of thing). Hopefully, this will allow for more flexibility among everyone's schedules, which has been the primary factor for low club ridership over the last few months. During this beta-testing period, from now thru the end of September, we will temporarily suspend the scheduled Saturday morning rides to see how this new format works.

**This site is open to posts related to mountain biking, cyclo-cross too!

The only catch is that Blogger only allows 100 people max to be "authors." If you're interested in contributing to this online community, please send an email to with "Request to post on Blogsite" in the subject line and an invitation to join will be sent to you.

We encourage you to use the route sheets listed on the right sidebar and invite you to submit new routes to, which we can add to the list. This site will continue to be moderated and questions answered.

Keep riding (and riding safe)!

Touchstone Bike Club

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