Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Wow - another sad set of news! We were just out on McEwen on Saturday. My sincere condolances to Mark's wife and sons.



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mellow rides with Touchstone riders, non-training ones.

Hey Folks,
Some of us have been getting together lately, mostly in the East Bay but it's negotiable every week, we were doing Sundays opposite the scheduled rides. Most were a fun strong pace but not specific on training zones, it was partly social, partly seeing the great Bay Area, partly getting in the miles and having fun in the process. Food was a definite stop, during, after or whenever. BART is our friend and used to make the ride manageable. So far we've ridden out to Danville and out Tassajara, done Morgan Territory behind Mt.Diablo, taken the fabulous McEwen loop, who knows where we will head next. You are welcome to come join, we look at the ride as being a no-drop but may break up into different paces and take good rest stops so don't be discouraged but be prepared to paceline, we like to work together for good speed. Got any ride suggestions, let us know, post here, or email some of the main culprits in this mayhem: Jess, Brian, Mark, Himgan, Elmar & others will probably make you glad you came along.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sunday Ride - 11/9/08 - East Bay!

A couple of us are interested in a 3-hour ride Sunday morning. Meet at Claremont Peet's (2916 Domingo Ave, Berkeley) at 9:15am and we'll depart at 9:30. Exact route to be determined but we're interested in heading east in search of flatter roads. It's possible this may be a one-way adventure with Bart back. One idea being considered is riding out to Livermore/Dublin via Lafayette, Danville, and Tassajara Rd. (40-miles w/ 55-mile option). Pace won't be super quick, but probably steady with limited stops. Please post if you're planning to ride with us. Thanks!!

Click here for possible route.