Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saturday Peninsula Ride - 9/19

Looking for partners for a Saturday ride on the peninsula. Starting from Stanford or Evergreen/Canada. Am thinking woodside-pescadero-tunitas but am open to other options.
email if interested.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ALERT!! Bike Thief Targets Peet's...

ALERT!!! There have been reported bike thefts at Danville Peet’s and the Peet’s on Domingo Ave. in Berkeley (across from the Clairmont hotel). These are common stops/meeting points for East Bay rides, so please take caution. This is what is known so far:

  • The guy knows what he’s looking for…and he’s targeting high end bikes
  • Sometimes he’s wearing cycling clothes, sometimes not
  • He grabs the bikes and rides them away
  • The thefts are happening on Saturdays/Sundays (when lots of cyclists are around…and lots of high end bikes)
  • It’s apparently the same guy hitting both Peet’s locations (and maybe more, who knows?)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Potential New PBP 2011 Quota/Selection System

Just got this from SFRANDON and thought I might share it with those of you who're thinking of doing PBP in 2011. Note that these guidelines/rules are subject to further definition and change, but in general it does seem that what and how much US randonneurs ride in !2010! will have a direct effect on quotas and rider priority in 2011. Thus riding more sanctioned ACP brevets (rather than doubles) would increase a rider's chance of getting in. Of course all of this is mute if demand does not exceed the quota in 2011, but who knows how tight/generous the cut-off will be.


The ACP has revised their formula for calculating PBP 2011 entry
quotas somewhat. Based on comments from us and other countries, the
policy is meant to be more equitable to countries that host ACP
brevets every year.

While the actual formula has not yet been published, here is our
understanding. Each country will have a basic quota based on that
country's number of entrants and finishers in PBP 2007. Each country
will then have an additional allocation based on the number kilometers
homologated for it in 2010. (So a rider's 1000k finish would count for
five times as much as a 200k finish.) It is meant to take into
account a country's growth since PBP'07.

This reinforces our earlier advice to RBAs to schedule at least one
ACP brevet series in 2010, and to schedule all your brevets that fit
the ACP distances as ACP-sanctioned. Having folks ride more ACP
brevets in 2010 helps our quota. Remember that your last chance to
submit ACP-sanctioned events for 2010 is by September 30.

For riders, the ACP indicates that if someone rides more and longer
ACP brevets in 2010, that rider will have a registration priority over
other riders in that country who ride fewer, shorter ACP brevets.
(That means, an American rider can move him/herself up within the
American quota by riding more and longer brevets.)

RBAs should not feel the need to schedule more events than they can
comfortably handle. Riders should not feel the need to ride more
events than they can comfortably accommodate in order to have a chance
of going to PBP in 2011. The ratio of our quota to rider demand has
yet to be seen. And of course the ACP may refine or revise these
provisions as time goes on.