Monday, April 7, 2008

Club Ride Info - 4/12/08 (Note 8:30 roll time!)

Saturday, 4/12/2008 - East Bay
Hamilton Century Loop (w/ 50-mile out/back option)

Levels 1 & 2
105 miles (Death Ride Training! Sustained climbing w/ 8,000 vertical feet.)
Meet Time: 8:15am; Roll Time: 8:30 AM
Starting Place: Livermore Peet's (152 S. Livermore Ave.); Park in the neighborhood streets behind Peet's.
Leader: Chuck (chuckATsannaDOTcom). Please read detailed comments from Chuck below!


Chuck Carlson said...

Should be a great ride. Mines Rd and San Antonio valley will be green and colorful. It will be warm so don't forget the sunscreen. 2 water bottles or equivalent. Much nutrition. Money for lunch.

OK, this is a hard century. But, if you are just getting into century shape don't despair. It's doable if you ride it smart. Hold back on the effort on the hills to the Junction Cafe. In fact, if you are really concerned, start early and spin your way slowly up Mines road. Directions below if you would like to start early.

I'll be holding back as well(yeah, that's it, I'm holding back), as I want to be able to do the optional Sierra Rd at about mile 75. This will add 5 miles and 1000+ feet overall to the ride.

We will probably get to the Junction Cafe before they open, but you can get water in the parking lot of the old fire station just before the Junction Cafe at the intersection of Mine's Rd and San Antonio Rd. After you pass the new fire station on the right, the next set of buildings is the old fire station. They may have a do not enter sign with a chain across the parking lot, but I think it's fine to park the bikes there and walk in.

Still some more hills before we descend down to the bridge in San Antonio valley and start the climb up the backside of Hamilton. Average grade is around 7% over 5 miles. Compare with Diablo at 4-5%.

The summit at Hamilton will be at about mile 50. Right at the summit where there is a left turn to the main observatory(just before you start the descent), you will find a bench with water on the left. I don't plan on going to the observatory. Instead, there is a good lunch spot at a deli/sandwich shop at around mile 70 mostly downhill from the summit.

After lunch, you can choose to do the regular route on Calaveras Rd which still has a fair amount of climbing, or you can do Sierra Rd which has much 10% grade over 4 miles. Pedal slowly and smoothly, and take advantage of the rests between hard efforts. Then descend to join up with the regular route on Calavaras.

On Calavaras we will climb above the reservoir, then descend to Sunol, then ride through Pleasanton. Final 5 miles is on Stanley Blvd. Ugly and boring but flat.

I'll bring route sheets.

Directions follow:

Starts at Peet's at 152 S. Livermore Avenue.

Going east on 580, take the N. Livermore exit(easy to miss), and turn right at the light.

After crossing 1st, Peet's is on the left. Turn left at the next possibility and park in neighborhood.

105 miles 8000 feet climbing

East S. Livermore (Tesla) Go 2.4
R Mines Rd Go 3.5
L Mines Rd Go 24.5 (to Junction Cafe)
Str San Antonio Valley Rd Go 18.2 (to Hamilton Summit)
Str Mt Hamilton Rd Go 18.4 (look for bench and water on left at summit)
L Alum Rock Rd Go .3
R Mckee Go .5
R Toyon (food here) Go .9 (Deli 1/10 mile str on Mckee, left side)
L Penetencia Go .5
R Piedmont Go 3.8

Sierra Rd. Variation: On Piedmont, turn right on Sierra Rd. Adds 5 miles and 1000+ feet climbing. On the descent, Sierra turns into Felter. Right where Felter turns into Calavaras, make the right turn to continue on Calavaras.

R Calaveras Go 2.4
L Calaveras (steep start) Go 13.7 (eventually goes under 680)
Str Paloma Go .7
R Pleasanton-Sunol Rd Go 3.7 (eventually under 680)
Str Sunol Blvd Go 1.1
Str 1st Go 1.0
Str Stanley Blvd Go 4.9
R SS st Go .1
L 1st Go .6 (to S.Livermore)

To Fremont Bart from Piedmont/Calaveras

Str Evans Rd Go 1.2
Str Jaklin Go 1.1
R N. Milpitas (bus?) Go 1.0
S Warm Springs Blvd Go 3.6
S Osgood Go 2.1
L Washington Go .3
S Fremont Go 1.6
R Walnut Go .9
L Fremont Bart

Aaron said...

I had a totally different plan on tap this Saturday, but now thinking about rearranging to make what should be a really beautiful ride. I've really been wanting to do this loop.

BTW, bit if an understatement on Sierra. It isn't "much" 10% - it averages 10% for 4 miles with a lot of 13-14% sections and a max of over 16%. Nice climb though...if gut wrenching tough is your idea of nice...

garybuck said...

Looking for carpoolers from the city.

ck said...

I will be bringing the helmet cam...

Chuck Carlson said...

OK, we'll try to stay on right side of the rode this time.

It's going to be hot. I'm bring a cooler and ice so of anyone wants to keep something cool, get it in before we start.