Monday, March 17, 2008

Club Ride Info - 3/22/08 - Earlier start time!

Saturday, 3/22/2008
East Bay: Del Puerto Canyon Century
100 miles (Includes lunch stop at mile 50 in Patterson. About 4,000' of climbing)
Leader: Chuck Carlson
Meet time: 8:15am; Roll time: 8:30am (EARLY!!)
Meeting spot: Livermore Peets (152 S. Livermore Ave.); Park in the neighborhood streets behind Peet's.

Post your questions or email chuck directly. Chuck is a long-distance specialist with many a Death Ride under his belt.


Chuck Carlson said...

This is a good early season century as it has only 4000 ft climbing. But it has enough climbing and a steep 1.5 mile section so as to not be boring. There is also a 45 mile variation that returns to Livermore via Patterson Pass. I'll bring route sheets.

If you can handle the 50-60 mile Touchstone rides, you should be fine on this route but you will be worked. Just ride the first 50 miles to Patterson conservatively. We won't hesitate to split into two groups if desired.

There are no turns, for the first 23 miles as we go over Corral Hollow Pass(not difficult). Be careful on the descent, as it is steep and curvy . Take the whole road till it straightens out and slows down.

Then the magic happens . Try to get into a pace line, and you will be going 25+ mph effortlessly on slightly downhill smooth pavement for 10+ miles into the central valley.

We'll regroup at the first turn(Linne road). The next 4 miles are on a pot-holed, railroad track crossed, road till we get to Highway 33.

The fastest way to Patterson will be on Highway 33 for 19 miles. Boring, but we should be able to get into an energy saving paceline, rotating the leader often. (be sure to turn right on Roger for the final section)

At the I-5 Patterson stop is a Subway in a gas/convenience store(last business on left). My strategy is to get a large sandwich, eat half, save the other half for the Junction cafe stop, 25 miles later.

Now the best part of the ride starts. Enjoy the rolling hills and slight rise of Del Puerto Canyon. It will be quite green this time of year. Note the mile markers painted on the road, as they will indicate your progress to the workout of the day, the headwall (10+ percent grade) at the end of the canyon. Mile marker 20 will remind you that you have been climbing steeply for a quarter mile. Marker 21 will congratulate you but still have another quarter mile to go. Be thankful we are doing the ride in March, as even in May and June the temperatures can reach 100+ degrees here due to the reflections off the sides of the narrow canyon. Then easy riding to the next regroup at the Junction Cafe on Mines Rd.

Two more manageable hills and the long descent to Livermore starts. A paceline here helps. Watch for spring gravel from washouts. Be sure to stay to well the right, as there are several narrow sections with blind curves. Cars tend cross the center line in these sections.

There are several good post ride dinner spots walking distance from the start.

Should be a great day. Hope to see you there.

hgun said...

what's meeting and rolling time?

Chuck Carlson said...

It's meet 8:15am, roll 8:30am.

Jess said...

Hey Chuck,
Are there Bart bail-out options for those wanting less miles??? (Sorry to miss this ride -- it sounds like fun!)

Chuck Carlson said...

Yes, I'll include directions back to Pleasanton Bart. About 8.5 miles from the Livermore start which can be added on to the 45 mile Patterson Pass variation. These are on ugly streets south of 580, so I'll also provide a longer nicer route north of 580.

Aaron said...

I have only done one Touchstone ride (maybe September of last year) - but hey my waiver is on file! The timing is great for me on this one, I need a 100 miler this weekend. I look forward to it and riding with all of you.

Chuck Carlson said...

Excellent. Glad you can make it. The weather is looking great. Clear and 70's in the canyon. Don't forget the sunscreen.

Aaron said...

HI everyone - great ride yesterday. Stats from my Garmin:

103.6 miles
4,919 total ascent
14.5% Max Grade

Thanks again for a great day!

Chuck Carlson said...
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Chuck Carlson said...
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Chuck Carlson said...

Thanks Aaron. Great to have you out there. I know just where the 14.5% was. Right at the 20 mile marker on the Del Puerto headwall it steepened for about 50-75 yards. You and Chad blazed out in front.

And how about that 28mph pace line on Highway 33. They must have looked awesome as they rode past the Rogers turn. That allowed the tortoises to beat the hares to lunch.

And congrats to Andrea for handling the ride nicely.

We saw 5 different splotches of color on the Del Puerto hills. (yellow,orange,blue,dark green,lime green)

Mark said...

Chuck, that was a great ride. Thanks!
Marty, Aaron, Chad great to ride with you out there. To Himgun and Chris, I spent the most time with you guys and I had a big ol' smile on my face the whole time. Loved the pacelining and sharing the work and joy of riding.
Andrea, thanks for taking it slow with me through the gorgeous valley while we got to catch up and I could digest that big lunch.

Plus, I didn't crash!