Thursday, February 7, 2008

House of Pain

Another option for a ride this Saturday in addition to the Nicasio club Ride.

Day: Saturday

Time: 08:55 AM

Meet: Park-N-Ride on Rudgear, right off Danville Blvd./Rudgear exit on 680

There isn't an official description for this ride, but here's one that might give you some idea:

Typically 10-30 riders, mostly racers or riders who can keep up with racers. Just under 60 miles, out to Livermore up Collier Canyon/Vineyard & back. Fast-paced ride, with one re-group point at the Livermore gas station. Finishes around 1pm.

Map and profile (courtesy of Chris Kurrle's Garmin) 

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CA_PedBike said...

I'm an 85% yes...

Dustin said...

Oops, don't know why it has my "ca_pedbike" moniker...This is Dustin.